Things That Matter – April 22, 2016 – The Last Show

thingsgangAfter five years and 134 episodes, Things That Matter is wrapping it up. This episode is the show’s last.

To celebrate the end of what has been a fun and joy-filled run for those of us who worked to bring you the show, Adam White and Lisa Kramme return to the show – joining Mitch, John and Jenny one last time – and share memories from the last five years.

Friend of the show and musical artist Heatherlyn – the show’s first interview and the person behind the show’s theme song (Put on Your Dancing Shoes) – also comes back to spend a few minutes with the gang. Her music can be found at

Now that we’ve talked about Things That Matter for five years, go do something that matters. Thanks to all who have been a part of Things That Matter Land for the last five years. God bless.

Things That Matter features the music of Rachel Kurtz. The show’s theme song is “Put on Your Climbing Shoes” by Heatherlyn. Things That Matter is a the official podcast of the Nebraska Synod ELCA.

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