We’re back…

We’re back. (At least, one of us is.)

After many months, Things That Matter is back. But as you have already discovered, there are changes.

For four years, Pastor Adam White, Lisa Kramme and I were allowed to enter your earphones and tell stories, clown around a little, and talk about things that matter. And while Adam and Lisa have decided to move on from the show and spend time on things near and dear to them, I decided there are probably a few more stories to tell, a little more clowning around to be done, and some more things that matter.

We are blessed to have Pastor John Backus and Jenny Sharrick joining the show for a new rendition of Things That Matter, a rendition that will tip its hat to the show that has been, and at the same time, become something a little different and new.

Hopefully, you will find the show is still as fun for you to listen to as it is for us to produce. We hope you will continue to be gracious and invite us into your earphones as you have for four years. And in return, John, Jenny and I promise one thing, the one reason the show was started in the first place… to block out the meaningless noise in the world and talk about the things that matter.


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