God Sighting: “Why would it be any different?”

John BackusAt Trinity Lutheran Church here in North Omaha, we are blessed with the opportunity to assist a Presbyterian Church in the USA ministry called Crossroads Connections Prison Ministry.

We are transportation sponsors – taking incarcerated men and women to worship once a week (at a Presbyterian Church building) and sharing a meal with them before they return. This gives these folks a chance to share worship time and a meal with their families, as well as with us.

Whenever a fifth Sunday in a month rolls around, the service is at Trinity’s building. Trinity partners with St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in nearby Millard to host these events. It was their turn to lead worship, and ours to cook. We grilled out and had a great evening.

As we were finishing the meal, one of the prisoners handed his plate to a Trinity volunteer washing dishes.

“You always serve us on real plates here,” he said. “Why do you do that?”

Our volunteer thought a moment – and this is where I saw the living presence of God – and replied: “Well – if I invited you to my house for dinner, I’d serve you on real plates. We’ve invited you to God’s house for dinner – why would it be any different.”

We are indeed blessed to stand in God’s house, share a meal, and know that the Spirit of God blows in our midst.

Pastor John

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